Zemenītes Sniegā - tiem, kas mīl...


Gifts with a touch of love!

Welcome to online gift store and surprise service! Give a magical memory for someone special in your life with an assortment of Zemenitessniega!


 The best way to start a new day is waking up with the thought of how to create happiness around yourself,  We always have a solution of how to make beautiful,  sweet, clever and natural gifts and surprises.  We want to give the joy, encouragement, gratitude, and compassion for each of you.

Sometimes it`s not the gift but the thought that`s coming with it,  presentation of the gift and the way you receive it, and the ultimate surprise. 


 Express yourself through the gift!

Give a gift with a personal touch and let us  to take care of your gift-wrap worries! 

Please choose the gift from our home page and we will deliver it whenever you need worldwide!

Our wish for you: A day filled with unexpected miracles! 

Please feel free to get in touch by email: zemenites@zemenitessniega.lv

We`ll do everything we can to help you!  We are open for new ideas and cooperation to create a special gift for you.


 So, lets start to give and fill days with love, joy and pure emotions!


Šodien vārda dienu svin: Leopolds, Unda, Undīne       Kontakttālrunis 27 508830, E-pasts zemenites@zemenitessniega.lv
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Zemenītes Sniegā - tiem, kas mīl...